Inductee — Thomas Thevenow

Thomas Thevenow

Class of 2001

Birthplace: Madison, IN




He was often referred to as the “gamest man in baseball” because of all the adversity he had to overcome just to be able to play the game he loved. Broken legs and multiple injuries from an auto accident could not prevent Tommy from playing and becoming one of the games stellar fielders. A native of Madison, Indiana who played in 1,229 major league games the fine utility infielder had a fielding average of .952.

He began his professional career in 1923 with Joplin and one year later was playing shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. In 1926, Tommy and the “Gashouse Gang” defeated the New York Yankees and claimed the Cardinals first World Title. In the series Tommy led both teams hitting a lusty .417 and was named the MVP of the series. This was a Yankee team led by the Babe who felt defeat at the hands of player who many said was a warrior with a lion heart and a baby smile. The Yankees were not smiling after Tommys hitting and defense.

Tommy continued to play for the Cardinals until 1929 when he was traded to Philadelphia. From 1931 to 1935 he played for Pittsburgh before being traded to Boston for the 1936 season. After a return trip back to Pittsburgh in 1938 it was time for the “gamest man in baseball” to return to Madison. His 15 year career was filled with timely hitting and great defense.

Tommy passed away in 1957.