Inductee — Cy Williams

Cy Williams

Class of 2019

Birthplace: Wadena,Indiana



Cy Williams was born in Wadena, Indiana in 1887. He spent 19 years with the Cubs and the Phillies as a strong hitting centerfielder that gained attention initially from the Cubs. They brought him directly to the major leagues after graduating with a degree in Architecture from Notre Dame (where he also
played football for Knute Rockne). From 1915 through 1927, he was one of the National League’s most prolific sluggers, winning or sharing four home run titles and finishing among the league’s top three in homers 11 times.

In 1917 he was traded to the Phillies where he starred using a dead pull lefthanded stroke that was ideally suited to the Baker Bowl. The first “Williams shift” was created for Cy as managers would load up the right side of the infield. In 1923 he hit 41 HR to tie Babe Ruth for the major league crown. He shared his last HR title with Chicago’s Hack Wilson by hitting 30 in 1927. During his career, Cy hit 12 inside the park homers and seven grand slams; and his 11 pinch hit homers was a record until 1960. He topped the .300 mark six times with a career high of .345 in 1926.

Williams lived in Three Lakes, WI during the off season and returned there for good after his career was over. He became a well-known designer and builder with many of his works still notable today. Cy died on April 23, 1974 at age of 86 in Eagle River, WI.